Find your strength

in your breath

Would you like to be able to relax and breathe naturally and fully? To feel vital and energized?

Mindful yoga and breath coaching offer concrete answers for dealing with tension, anxiety and problems with breath. Which approach is best for you?

One on one

Breath coaching

A focused approach to reclaiming space to breathe. Through insights into your process, you will develop a method to better deal with the stress and tension of life.

Group lessons

Mindful yoga

These yoga classes bring you back into balance with yourself.  You become more aware of your body, explore and deepen the breath. Group classes are in Dutch – individual sessions in English.

In your own time

Mindful yoga – Videos

All the advantages of a live mindful yoga class in your own time. Each week you receive a new mindful yoga class in your mailbox and access to a database of lessons. These recorded classes are in Dutch.

Stress and tension can deeply affect our life

What is the role of stress and tension in your life? Are you always on? Do you operate in high gear most of the time? Do you often feel like you can’t fully breathe – just need to catch your breath? And of course you realize you just need to relax more…but how?!

Breath and movement are important tools when dealing with stress. I can help. With simpel interventions an techniques I can teach you what you need to regain your resilency so you can enjoy your life again.

Breath coaching to better deal with stress

Breath coaching teaches you a very effective way of dealing with stress. In these sessions you become aware of the effects of stress on the body. What actually hapens in your body when something drains your energy. Targeted interventions teach you to reduce stress and optimalize resilience.

Let’s face it, it’s near impossible to live a modern life without stress. So the goal is not to eliminate stress  but to develop tools that you can use to continually bring yourself back to neutral. A relaxed, resilient and happy life is closer than you may think

Is your goal to be able to relax and breathe naturally and fully? To feel vital and energized?

Ynanna's breath coaching program will help you achieve this. A weekly minful yoga class will also set you on that path. However, those classes are all in Dutch. It is possible to have individual sessions in English. Lets discuss options

Mindful yoga – activate to relax

In mindful yoga you connect each breath with movement. This teaches you to be more aware of how your body feels, to deepen your breath and focus inward. This puts endless thoughts on pause and brings new energy.

I offer weekly live classes and video classes. All current group classes are in Dutch. A great way to practice your Dutch. More comfortble in English? Contact me for individual sessions.

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