Stress management solutions for companies

Companies need healthy, vital employees

How resilient are your employees? Do your employees function well or is sick leave increasing and productivity decreasing? How do you ensure optimal productivity for employees while limiting sick leave?

The answer is: stress management. Ynanna offers several easy to apply stress management solutions to help your employees stay healthy and vital.

The role of stress

More and more research confirms that health is a matter of body and mind. Mental stress accumulates in the body. Stress and tension can lead to all kinds of physical complaints. In addition, stress has been shown to limit creativity and logical reasoning. In short, when stressed, the ability to function optimally decreases.

Stress management solutions

Ynanna yoga and breath coaching offers companies various solutions to support employees in finding ways to release tensions and manage stress. The interventions offered are primarily aimed at optimalizing functionality by strengthening concentration and focus. Participants learn techniques to better deal with tensions of everyday life. There are several options that are always tailored to the needs of the company. Workshops can be offered live or on-line


Ynanna yoga and breath coaching offers two workshops which can be tailored to the needs of your company. Workshops can be offered as a short introduction or a longer in-depth session.
What do your employees need?

  • How to deal with Stress and Increase Resilience
  • Move, Breathe and Relax

Individual program

This program is a complete stress management system designed by HeartMath. It teaches employees healthier ways to deal with stress. This program offers strategies which help employees deal with a range of issues from tension reduction to burn-out prevention.

  • Increase your resilience and become more stress resistant

Yoga classes

These yoga classes offer a reset for busy employees. Exercises calm the nervous system. At any time of the day, it offers a break which litterally revitalizes. Come (back) to your desk refreshed and ready to work or leave the stress of work behind to go home relaxed.

  • Mindful yoga for relaxation and stress-management



How to deal with Stress and Increase Resilience

This workshop offers insights and stress management techniques. Employees learn to increase resilience using science-based techniques. It will teach them how to achieve a sense of well-being and vitality.

This workshop offers insights into the physiological effects of stress and tension on the body. Employees learn how to strengthen resilience and increase their ability to deal with stress using the breath. We look at the science and very practically start to experience how to literally calm the nervous system with simple and effective exercises. Hereby optimalizing the ability to think clearly and respond appropriately under stress.

Move, Breathe and Relax

This easy workshop uses movement combined with breathing exercises to help employees become aware of tension in their body and how to release it. It offers a quick and surpisingly functional reset
These classes can be done in regular work clothes. Movements are do-able for everyone and can be adjusted to personal abilites. Movement is combined with information about the effect of breathing and movement on tension. Exercises focus on deepening the breath and releasing tension. This strengthens a sense of vitality. A Move, Breathe and Relax session recharges participants both physically and mentally.

Research shows that movement combined with conscious breathing actually refreshes concentration. It’s a functional break during a long meeting, for example. After 30 minutes, everyone is re-focused and ready to continue .

Move, Breathe and Relax is possible as a separate workshop, or series of mini breaks (15-30 minutes) to briefly step out of your daily routine to return refreshed.
Available live or online.

Individual program

Increases  resilience for more stress resistance

In this certified HeartMath program, participants become aware of what causes a stress response in the body and learn to how to transform it. This makes one more resilient to stress and able to handle what comes.

During this program the participant gains insight into their own energy system and how to manage energy drains. Using HeartMath biofeedback equipment one learns how to redirect the stress response. We practice techniques to recover more functionally from moments of stress. The insights and lessons help participants create a new stress management system. Techniques remain applicable – even after the program ends. This optimalizes functioning and enhances the general ability to enjoy one’s life.

Information individual program

Participants develop a complete HeartMatch certified stress management system. It teaches healthier ways to deal with stress. This program offers strategies which help employees deal with a range of issues from tension reduction to burn-out prevention.

7 sessions of 1,5 hours

Learn more about HeartMath coaching program with Ynanna

The HeartMath breath coaching programme is covered by the Zilveren Kruis company insurance and is part of the Livvit programme.

Yoga classes

Mindful yoga for stress-management

These classes are ideal for busy employees. Exercises have been shown to actually calm the nervous system. At any time of the day, it offers a revitalizing break.

Mindful yoga encourages physical and mental agility. Using a combination of movement and breath, these classes strengthen the body’s ability to process tension and stress. Each movement is linked to the breath which in turn regulates the breathing. This deep focus creates a mindful atmosphere which brings a deeper awareness.¬† Participants learn what it means to truly move within personal boundries and honor limitations. Agility is not prerequisite for these classes.

Daily concerns are left behind. Research shows that this break of momenent and deep breathing activates a different part of the brain. Afterwards participants return to their desk refreshed and ready to work or leave the stress of work behind to go home relaxed. A method of releasing stress while becoming fysically and mentally stronger.

Information yoga classes

Classes are offered online and on and off-site.

There are various possibilities: a series of 10 lessons, a continuous weekly yoga class or something tailored to the needs of your company.

With a certified yoga teacher who has an eye for everyone’s abilities, you know that as a company you are bringing in quality. Unfortunately, a lot of yoga is offered by minimally trained yoga coaches, leading to more and more injuries. At Ynanna yoga, each class is carefully tailored to participants’ abilities.

Why I can help?

Having worked in business for many years, I know what it's like to find balance in a work setting. I have experienced how these techniques provide a functional stress management system. They contribute to sustainable employability.

“What I like about Christina's classes is that every class is different. She adjusts classe to every occasion, season or need. This keeps it surprising and fun even after a tiring day....”

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